It's past my bedtime.



Dream Bigger Than Anyone Else
S. Skelly

This piece came together while I was thinking about how every day, month, year, decade, etc. people face enormous, seemingly insurmountable, challenges in private and in public. It's easy to be held captive by those challenges, as they obscure the path forward. "Dream Bigger Than Anyone Else" is a reminder to myself, and to everyone else, that we need to actively work to keep ourselves from being broken by the challenges we meet. We need to keep our dreams, our minds, and our hearts open and strong so that we can take risks needed, tear through the barriers of our minds, and forge our new, self-created lifelines into the world's palm.


Past My Bedtime
Behind a Door


S. Miller


My Feet Hurt
C. Laurence

View of the inside of a Polling Location: workers, voters, a ballot machine, instructions.

Video of a sleeping dog. - C. Hudak

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